Face shield 880 2ma

Face shield 880 2ma

Openable, transparent, soft protective face protector
  • Detailed Description

In the unusual Covid-19 period we can offer you which is a part of our new lifestyle for personal protection equipment FACESHİELD. 
-    For your Personal use
-    For your employee 
-    For your customer 

with the below specification.

o    Colorful (7 Colors)
o    As it covers the face part, it protects against droplets from the front.
o    Made from soft material
o    Ergonomic and lightweight. Doesn't cause headaches
o    People who wear glasses can also use it comfortably.
o    Used as a protector in business and social life for again sing infectious diseases 

The article is in our Seri production and we have 3000 daily capacity for Wholesale.

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